Nero exe problem

ahh… this always happenes…but i didnt think it would happen even after my entire c drive was reformatted!

it was restored to its original condition so after i d/l nero i didnt think itd happen again…but it is

so i d/l the newest nere…already have problems installing…i reboot in safe mode and install it with ease

i reboot into normal mode…try to open it and it says my exe has been modified…blah blah…virus…blah

wtf is wrong?

no i did not try to patch/crack it

This may be caused by the Nero virus checker. Make sure that it is disabled when you reinstall.

If you have Norton’s anti virus disable this program before installing nero some times this picks up the anti virus program in nero as a virus.

arg…how do i disable the virus checker in the reinstall or whatever

For some history on this problem and fix, take a look at nero executable error

still not working…even with version 5582:(


You are posting to several different threads about the same problem. This is a violation of the rules. Keep your posts on this problem confined to this thread or I will start deleting them. :mad:

If you will read marymary’s last post again in the other thread you will see that she doubts that it was the registry cleaning that fixed the error.

Try this:

Uninstall Nero. Reinstall Nero and the first time it is opened go to File | Preferences | General and disable “Load anti-virus plug-in at startup”. Hit OK and reboot.

Open Nero again and report the results.