Nero.exe application error

whenever i close, exit nero i get this message, it started when i upgraded from 7.2.5 to i tried reinstalling nero but still the same thing happens.

installation goes fine, no problems, but when i try to run nero and exit, this message pops up.

also i tried downloading their latest version but still does same thing during exit!

nero.exe application error
the exception unknown software exception (0x0eedfade) occured in the application at location 0x7c812a5b

followed by another message

runtime error 217 at 035AF57D

anybody know how to fix this

tried running nero on another computer works fine!

only happend with nero burning rom, not with nero express or vision or any other software made by nero!

Did you use “Nero Clean Tool” to remove your older version?

yes already did, at first when i uninstalled version 7.2.3 i just unistalled with add and remove, then i installed version 7.8.5 then i started getting the error so uninstalled 7.8.5 and reinstalled still had the same problem, so i unistalled, and also downloaded neros cleaning tool, ran the cleaning tool, and installed 7.9.6

after that i still had the same problem!

still after exiting nero i still had the error message pop up! nero.exe application error

anybody experiencing this same problem, i also tried using nero lite! (nero portable) still has the same problem! but tried using this on a different computer, works fine!