Nero Events with .net




I’ve a “little big trouble”: Nero object from NeroCom v1.3 doesn’t fire any event in my C# application. :a NeroDrive works well and fire many events. :wink:
I’m catching all the events from the Nero object: it’s fully silent.

I’ve read many posts in order to solve my little problem.
It seems there’s an incompatibility with the .Net platform.
Is there some news about that?
Must I sacrify my computer’s mouse for had adopted .Net Platform? :bigsmile:



Primarly, i’ve changed my dev effort from .NET to Borland C++ Builder.
It worked! But it wasn’t a satisfying solution.
I’ve not checked for new versions for a long time.
yanush send me a pm to know if i’ve found a solution for this problem.
I thought it would be great to check.
I’ve updated my Nero which was to (the latest).
I’ve updated my references to point to the version 1.4 of nerocom.
And i’ve tested my original application.
Finally it works!

Thanks to Nero Developers team for the updates. :clap: