Nero Essentials 7

I have recently gotten the new Nero 7 Essentials OEM disc and I am afraid to install because it looks like Nero 6 will be deleted prior to the installation of Nero 7 and I can not figure out whether or not these are full versions of the programs.

I can not find any information on Nero 7 Essentials on the Nero web-site and as far as I can tell, there is no manual on the CD either.

looking at the back of the CD Cover, it shows the following:

30 day trial: Nero Digital, MPEG-4 and AVC.

Nero Home, Nero Vision 4, Nero Photo Snap all have “ESSENTIALS SE” after the name (SE I am assuming is for Special Edition so these are pretty obvious not to be full versions).

Nero Start Smart 3, Nero Express 7, Nero ShowTime 2, Nero Media Home, InCD5, Nero Photo/Snap Viewer and Nero Cover Designer 2 all have “ESSENTIALS” after the name.

Nero Scout, Nero PhotoShow Express 4 and Nero ToolKit do not have anything after the name.

Nero Burning ROM 7, Nero WaveEditor 3, Nero SoundTrax 2, Nero Recode 2, Nero BackItUp 2, Nero SoundBox, and Nero ImageDrive are not mentioned at all and I know they are included in the retail version. Also the retail version has Nero ShowTime 3 instead of Nero ShowTime 2.

Several things I am interested in finding out if anyone knows:

  1. If anyone has installed this on a computer how all the programs are working and what limitations if any you have discovered.
  2. Should I have gotten a manual with this OEM software or is the Manual hidden somewhere where I am not able to find it?
  3. Links to any other information on the web in regards to this program are also appreciated.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Did you install this yet? I saw your post about this deal and want to purchase it myself.

Nope, I am very reluctant and probably will not unless I can get more information on it.