Nero error

im getting a nero api cannot innitialize when i try to burn a movie on file,the copy dvd works fine,any ideas on what is going on thanks compoking :a

Well your very vague on details for us to know much of what happened and what your were doing exactly. We do need nero version and what format the file is saved as and what burner and firmware it is? What media are you using as well. That would be a startoff.

thanks coolcolors,well its nero 7 and i only get to select make my own movie when the error appears

Well ok,
Let’s see if your still having problems after gettting the lastest updates to Nero 7 you can try to uninstall the program and delete the folder for nero 7. Then reinstall the program and then restart if it needs to and then download or run the updates to nero 7 to get the latest version and try to do what you did in burning again and see if the problem doesn’t show up again. But I will admit seems like people are still having problem with nero 7. But hopefully your nero 7 didnt corrupt a file it needed but a uninstall and reinstall usually fixes problems that occurred sometime during install process.

done that yesterday downloading the programe from nero,i can copy a disc cd or dvd,make a data disc but if i want to make a movie from a file i downloaded i get the error which comes from nero vision.when i type in the error i get three locations for api,one is nero core and the other two are files and settings but i cant open them .

Ok but what format did the movie come in as or save as? Can you post what exactly the error says?

the error reads (unable to initialize the nero api unspecified error)it does not matter about the file i cant get past selecting make a movie on nero

i found these api files in the pc but it wont let me open them i get not a win32 application :bigsmile:

Have you gone to the Nero site and lookup the missing or corrupted api file on their site? Sounds like the nero 7 is having a corrupt file issues. What is the exact version of nero 7 do you have? Sounds like you might need to download the latest update - try that and see if the problem doesn’t go away. If it persist you might have to email tech support at nero to ask what is really going on with that API file.

ill give it a go thanks for your time coolcolors,have a nice day :iagree:

NP, also as before it’s from what I have used and played around with on the software others might have different solution and or found out why your having API file problems. I was hoping other would see this posting and give their solutions as well?