Nero error "the nero executable file was modified!"



hi i have a problem with nero 7 premium when run it it says

the nero executable file was modified! maybe your pc is infected by a computer virus!
we would recomened to use the latest anti virus soft ware to check your pc.
if no virses are found, do a full uninstiall of nero and reinstall from original nero cd

uninstalled and re installed nero but it works just for a little while and then it says the same error “the nero executable file was modified!..”

i have seen some threads on this subjects here it says to disable virus checker but how can i disable virus checker in nero 7 i go to options but there is no disable virus scanner or chacker or anything pls help

really need to burn some staff


That’s probably really a virus corrupting the program.

If you can, load and run an actual antivirus program and also spyware killer like Spybot.
Free Antivirus:

Online scan:


ive run norton panda but ni virus detected also spysweeper and spy bot took off some spywares but still the same problem i know it may be a spyware corrupting the program how to solve this problem pls thanks how do i disable the virus checker in ner7 ? thanks


I said it before. Nero IMHO has shifted from working on their core functionality to a vain attempt to keep people from hacking the program. (Without much success) There in is probably most of their problems with functionality and capability. A program such as Nero does not report back virus attempts. It has no ability to do so. It can report back changes caused from and within it self. Nothing more. Programs just don’t work any other way. For Nero to react that way would have to become a virus checker program. Their attempt to get you to remove and re install is nothing more then an attempt to get you on the same page as them. Im willing to bet there are a bunch of built in time bombs in Ver 7.0+


Do as chef suggests and at least try the Trend Micro online scan. I find it’s very good at finding stuff other proggies don’t. :wink:


It might be worth while also checking your memory. If the RAM is corrupting nero as its loaded then it could well give you different reports depending on how it feels.


no it’s not the ram cos i run it without any other program and i check and still have a lot of free ram a lot of people are having this problem but i didn’t find any good solution in one forum it said that it is a look2me spyware i tried some tools there l2mfix and look2me remover but didn’t work how can i remove it i know it maybe look2me cos i have a lot of pop ups related to look2me anybody has an idea thank you very very much


I hate asking but where did this copy of nero come from. Sounds like a modified plant. Did you see those pop up’s before installing the program in question?


no no pop up very normal installation and im not the only one having this problem alot of people i wann ask you how do i disabke the virus checker integrated in nero 7 ?


The answer is, as always, in the FAQ:


I just read Chef’s FAQ. This has to be one shit program.
I noticed something. Everytime I access the site to lets say a user manual I always get a pop up asking me if I want to give nero access through my firewall. Ah I think not. I still get the manual but they are shut out. Is this a a good thing for a company to do. I don’t think so. My version works just fine, it does not phone home, and I see no compelling reason to update. Fact is every http,ftp nero listing in the registry has been changed. No phoning home. That also includes a block at the TCPIP level and everything has to go through there. Even the router is blocked. :bigsmile:

Nero user manual


But windows firewall gives a damn what goes out… should make anyone using it make think.


This is about the only example of a website trying to do this that i have. They know squat about me and I plan on keeping it that way. The tcpip monitor showed they got to talk to a address.

#14 - you surely know what that is for. :wink:

“ping” is a cmd any net freak needs someone.


Yea and it only takes a nano second between hops :bigsmile:
Chef ill make you a bet. 90% of the people in here have no clue about what means or is (excluding the big guns in here)

Thought I might help them out a little for whats it’s worth :rolleyes:

and the best part


KingKing: it’s not normal for a program to produce pop ups. I don’t have version 7 anywhere and I doubt I ever will but something just don’t smell right. If the program loaded extras without your permission I would say you got a good case to go after them, sort of like the sony case. These companies are going to learn the easy way or the hard way. And I for one dislike ANY program that tries to phone home for any reason. I study the install on another computer and compare the changes it makes then if necessary change the addresses of the phone calls to non valid ones. That even goes for microsoft.


so you mean that this problem only occurs when you connect to the internet ? and you still didn’t answer me guys how do i disable the virus checker normally i should be able to disable it how do i do that i loooked over the internet on how to disable but didn’t find anything pls help


In xp? Service center or so? I have no xp, but remember it must be there somewhere.


hi guys still have the same problem and really need to use nero HOW DO I DISABLE THE NERO VIRUS CHECKER ? can we disable it yes or no thank you very much


it’s not saying that you HAVE a virus. it’s saying that the .exe file has been modified and this MIGHT be due to a virus. it also MIGHT be due to a crack but many companys are too PC to start accusing customers haha.

i’m not sure where to lead you, but i can tell you that what you’re looking for is whatever is modifying the .exe file be it a crack (you’d know if you were using a cracked program) or a virus or whatever.

have your virus scans come up clean?

have you totally uninstalled nero and run the nero clean tool for good measure?

have you reinstalled from the ORIGINAL INSTALL CD?

if you’ve done all of these things and you’re still having problems, i know i’m stumped…

regarding the “nero virus checker” that you keep referring to, i’m not even sure this exists. nero is not a virus scanning software…I’m pretty sure it’s only recognizing that the .exe is modified, NOT looking for viruses…