Nero Error Message

I installed Nero 7 Premium, first it worked just fine. After few days it didn’t start up at all. And I thought that reinstalling the program would fix the problem and when i went to control panel->add/remove programs I found 2 copies of Nero 7 premium listed.

Uninstalling the first one went great but with the another it just said that I can’t unistall it because it can’t be found from computer etc etc.But from Nero folder I found the programs which weren¨t removed and they did start nero smart start. But the problem was that in smart start windows weren’t any options to choose.

Then i tried to just reinstall the whole software but I got a message “There is a newer version which you are currently trying to install” but the problem is that Im not trying to install anything and I have tried to remove files from Nero folders, clean registry etc but still it gives me the same message.

Anyone who knows solution for this?

When removing Nero, do not use Add/Remove as Nero has a utility for removing their program. Also, reinstall the trial version and then add your serial number to make the trial version a permanent copy.

This thread shows you were to go to enter your serial number.