Nero Error Message "Demo Version Expired" and Win XP Problem



I purchased a Memorex CD/DVD Burner and included with the Hardware was a licensed version of Nero 6 Software. When installing, I did have a valid serial number to enter. Installed OK, until I went to reboot. On reboot, Win XP (Home Edition) would not reboot (blank screen), but then I told Win XP to use the “Last known good configuration to boot” (not exact words) and it rebooted OK and then the Nero Software appeared to work OK. However, I have 3 UserID’s set on under Win XP for myself and two other family members that use the PC. I can use Nero OK on my ID (occasional crash, but not too bad); however when other two UserID’s for other family members attempt to use Nero, all they can do is get to the StartSmart menu. Then it gives them an error message when any application is opened. Error message says “Demo Version has expired”.

Does anybody know how to fix this?
Do I dare try uninstalling it and then reinstalling it; and risk not being able to reboot again ? When I go to the Windows Control Panel to find Nero, it has it listed, but no info about it under the “Change/Remove” Column.

Let me know if anybody else has a similar problem or suggestions.


The reason why your reboot was so weird was because windows was not successfully able to load last time. (It could have crashed on the windows screen). It doesnt sound very much like it’s Nero’s problem.

However, you can always add/remove Nero and reinstall it. I don’t think that’ll affect Nero but I’ve never tried it myself. The only time I install Nero is when I reformat :smiley: