Nero error: could not perform endtrack



Hello :slight_smile:

My nero is going crazy, i’m trying to burn some photoes to the disk but some error comes up:

could not perform endtrack

sometimes it stops on 4% and sometimes on 67% and sometimes on 99%.

I tried to burn some other photoes (not from my camera) and they burned really well, so I really dont know what is the problem, 20 disks in the garbage now. :frowning:

I really will thank you if some one can help me.

Thanks alot


Please run the Nero->Toolkit->Nero CD/DVD Speed & run the quality test.

This will identify your burner, firmware & the media you are using.

On the top left is a little Floppy disk … this will save the screenshot afterwards.
Please attach this screenshot to your next post.

It is most likely that your media is poor quality.


Good advice…but at first glance, I’d come to the same conclusion :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot debro
this is really helped me.
now the burner is working!

thanks again
Yelena :slight_smile: