Nero Enterprise vs Ultra?

I have heard about some Nero Enterprise edition before and I was just wondering what it was and how does it compare to the Ultra edition (better or not) or if it even exists? Also, I’ve heard of a Nero Reloaded before…dunno what that is either…(sounds like something out a movie)

I think Ultra is the better of the two, I may be wrong.

some info here:

Thanks, so… is this better than Nero Ultra?

I don’t really see any features in the enterprise edition that I would need.

I see, so is there any features in Ultra that isn’t in the Enterprise Edition?

Nero Reloaded is the name Nero Ultra is marketed under in Europe.
I don’t think that the question which version is better is applicable here. NeroNET (aka Enterprise Edition) targets the corporate user. The main difference between it and the retail version seems to be that NeroNET supports for burning over the network. So it is not the matter of being better, just different target user base.

Nero Enterprise supports the 64bit systems and has support for creating EFI Bootable CD/DVDs.

Moreover Nero Ultra supports 4 burners by default, Nero Enterprise can do more, depending on which Key u purchase.

If u don’t need these features, the Ultra version is a better choice for a single PC imo…