Nero engineers or anyone else - what does NEROAPI_INIT_UNSPECIFIED_ERROR mean?



Hello Everyone,

The use model for my application is such that it calls NeroInit() prior to each operation (i.e., burn operation) that uses Nero API’s, and then calls the following after the operations are complete to release the toolkit:

    BOOL bMemoryLeaks = NeroDone();

This way - Nero is only configured/initialized when my application needs to perform burning operations. We need this approach to keep the drive unlocked (as Nero holds a handle to the drive after the NeroInit() call).

This approach works fine on Windows XP Professional, but on Windows XP-E, within the IIS 5.1 environment (i.e., an ASP page), the approach works fine for the first burn operation, but for subsequent operations I’m encountering the NEROAPI_INIT_UNSPECIFIED_ERROR after calling NeroInit(). We’re using the Nero SDK Is there something in Windows XP-E that would cause the INIT_UNSPECIFIED_ERROR? What does the error really mean, and where else can I look for clues?

Thanks in advance.

  • Anthony


“NEROAPI_INIT_UNSPECIFIED_ERROR” is even an unexpected initialization error. It can be returned amongst others, if wrong NeroAPI version is used or if binary files mismatch.