Nero encripted?



hi, i had nero on my comp and dvd shrink, everything was working fine. was able to copy dvds no prob.

my friend deleted windows, nero, dvd shrink, everything of my comp, so i left it in2 a comp shop, to get fixed.
they installed a windows xp,ms office etc. and nero

i clicked on nero, but it was all sort of encripted, had question marks all over it where the writing shud be.
i cud see all the icons but no english writing?

so they installed NTI CD AND DVD MAKER, but i cant get used to it, amnd want to try and ge tnero bck installed.

any ideas ???


There are many versions of Nero and did you save your serial number?


yes i have nero 6 with the serial no.
and the guy in the shop tried to install nero 7 and had the same problem