Nero encoding

Hi, i have a quick question about Nero. When Nero encodes an AVI or MPEG file to be burned as a VCD, does it store these encoded files in a temporary folder and is there a way to save them? Sometimes i get an error while burning and I would have to go through the whole encoding process again when making another VCD.

Thanks for your help.

You have an option to burn the files to hard drive, which you then use NeroBurning ROM to burn them to DVD, or you can burn to the Image Recorder, which burns an image you can then use to burn a DVD. I prefer the image recorder since it is faster to just burn an image.

If you burn an image, you also have the option of mounting the image with ImageDrive and playing it like a DVD, but you have to set up ImageDrive.

Hi Saltgrass, thanks for your answer. However you talk about recording DVD’s but my question was specific for burning VCD on CD-R/CD-RW discs.

Have you checked to see if the options I mentioned were there? CD/DVD–still the same process.