Nero: empty dvds have no available capacity



Yesterday everything was working until nero froze at 100%
Explorer sees the burned dvd as empty but nero sees data on it.
And today nero sees empty dvds with no available capacity! But only dvds, cds’ capacity is being recognized.
What went wrong? :frowning: :o


Hi and welcome here,

what Nero version is it?


Hi, happend to me too.
look at my post from yesterday:
search for: "Emty DVD after completed Burning Process; Pioneer DVR K13RA"
I do not have any explanation for that.



It was nero 3.6.x.x and after this happened i updated it to but nothing changed.

#5 :eek:
I doubt this version supports a DVD writer :disagree:

Update to a 6.x.x.x version.


lol i am sorry! to - been using this nero for about two years now.