NERO eating my Hard Drive space and I can't find it

I am using nero 6 to back up some dvd’s. I;ve got no problems at all in backing them up. It is afterwards.

I seems to be losing my hard drive space everytime I back up a disc using dvd to dvd copy. Today i backed up a disc and before i started I had plenty of space, but after I did 2 copys, I am now down to less then a gig.

I have checked the settings in nero to make sure it deletes the file after writing, but it seems it deletes the file name but no the space on my HD. I have done searches on my computer for tempimage.nrg, I;ve looked in god know how many files for the images but can not find one. I have run diskcleanup, Norton safe disk clean, and even rebooted, but nothing.

I did a test where I did a copy to copy and selected Nero to NOT delete the image. I went to the drive and selected it and deleted it. When I checked my hard drive space, it did NOT go back up.

I have found a couple other people ask the same question else where, but no solutions have come up yet. So I would not use the copy to copy unless you are doing it on the fly.

Any suggests as to what is happening with?? or how to sort it??


OK I got it now.

May help others so, If you are using the Norton utilities you may have the Norton Undelete program installed. If so right click on your Recycle Bin and select something like ‘remove Norton protected deleted files’.

For some reason it gets put in the “protected” section so even if you delete it, it will still take up space. So do that and your HD space should be back to normal.