Nero, EAsy Cd Creator and wnaspi32.dll

hello, brand new poster(newbie) to this forum, hope i won’t infuriate anyone by asking a question, i did a search, but couldnt find anything relavant to what i needed so, i hope someone can help me with this prob.
i have adaptec easy cd creator v3.5c installed on my hp pavillion, never had any probs. with it till now. i am getting a wnaspi32.dll error message and basically after looking around , i cant access my cd- writer , i was surprised as to why all of a sudden this would happen after almost three years of trouble free use. then i remembered that i downloaded a demo of nero but never used it. so, i guess i just deleted the files without doing a normal uninstall, and now i have found after looking around that i am more than likely getting conflicts from having two programs installed and this aspi file is the root of my probs. i have checked my files and i have the right amount of the 4 files required and i also have updated these files. looking for more nero files on my pc, i found the uninstall exe for nero. trying to execute it and it says it is corrupted so… my main question is… if i re-install this nero demo and then uninstall it properly, should this clear my system of this? or will i have to edit my registry in some way? any help would be great!

its what I would do but the demo may have expired!

if it has try the newest download what have you got to lose?


Search the Roxio forum here but I believe that before Ezcd v. 5 it had problems working with any other packet writing program installed on same system.
I would try like you said and then if that doesn’t work try uninstalling ezcd and then reinstalling it.

thanks for the replys. i did re-install and then uninstall Nero, and then loaded EZCD again and, everyting is back to normal.
thanks for the help!