Nero dvd

i am burning 8 audio cds to dvd,
is it possible to backup the cd,s to hard disk as .nrg with nero 5.6.
and then burn them to dvd using decrypter


ok, so do you want to put the cds on the dvd as a nrg, or make a audio dvd, or make a mp3 DVD?

@ lasttangoonsaturn
Do you just want to backup?
In that case I suggest that you take a look at EAC and a lossless compression format such as FLAC or Monkey’s Audio (APE).
I highly suggest that you use the LONG tutorial, if it’s done correctly you’ll get excellent backups with no quality loss at all.

If it’s just to back up, I agree with diizzy, if you want to play those rips on your dvd player…your in for trouble, even as mp3’s, I’m not sure any set top recognizes burned dvd’s with mp3 format on it…I know mine doesnt.

you could make a DVD-Audio DVD that would play in all dvd players (providing it supports youir media type)