Nero DVD Write Time

I have noticed with Nero Software (Independent of Verison because I have tried many of them) that when I start burning a DVD, the write time ETA initially assigned by the software ends up being short and Nero adds on maybe 2 or 3 more minutes tocomplete the job. I am writing at 16x speed on 16x capable media. I have tried several different media and have even changed the firmware of the writer (originally Phillips to BENQ) and this seems to persist. Is there a setting that I may not be aware of that I can change to get rid of this issue or is everyone else with Nero experience something similar when burning DVDs? Is this Nero specific only? Thanks in advance.

Estimated times are just that. Nero probably assumes a 16X burn will be at 16X start to end. No media / drive combo I’m aware of start and stay at full speed.

You’ll see something similar in ImgBurn. It’s ETA is based on the current speed it’s actually at. The ETA seems very long at the start and keeps dropping rapidly as the speed increases.