NERO / DVD Video

I’ve extracted a movie from a DVD using SmartRipper and authored a new DVD containing JUST the movie using SpruceUp.

I’ve added the files to the VIDEO_TS folder in Nero using the DVD-Video option.

Nero rejects my DVD with “Violation against DVD specification detected” but does not tell me WHY.

Any ideas? Or is Nero just a piece of sh** when it comes to DVD writing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the DVD big enough to contain the movie? It is the first thing that comes up in my mind.

Maybe the resulotion or bitrate etc doesn’t fit with the standards specified ??

Yes it is big enough (the movie is only 3gb)

And Nero throws this error up with EVERY movie I compile with SpruceUp. Infact I can’t get Nero to burn a DVD-Video at all.

This is a known problem with this version of Nero.
You can get around it by using a different mode.

When you start Nero, close the wizard and it will open up the main UI. Create a DVD using the UDF/ISO mode.
You can drag and drop your VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS files in to the project window on the left.

This should burn correctly and not complain about any format errors etc. :wink: