Nero DVD-Video vs UDF?

I am running Nero Burning Rom v6.6.03, I have been reading a lot of conflicting information and was wondering if anyone had a good answer. I used DVD shrink to put a bunch of home movies on one DVD, when I start up Nero I choose the DVD-VIDEO mode and drag all my FOB files and stuff to the TS_VIDEO directory and then burn it. It works fine on my DVD player, but I am reading that this is not the preferred method to burn DVD movies and that it won’t play on a lot of stand-alone DVD players, is this true? Mind you these posts were from a couple of years ago, did Nero fix this and make the DVD-VIDEO more compatible with stand alone players? If I don’t burn with the DVD-VIDEO option, do I use UDF, UDF-ISO or what? Thanks.

You’re doing it correctly.


OK great thanks, so the DVD-Video mode places those files in the proper order? I guess that is why certain DVD players can’t read these discs.

I seem to recall there were some problems with the earliest versions of Nero 6. I don’t know of any problems with the later versions.


bought teaching d v d/ c d it won’t play on my d v d only on computer
it is a udf file

[QUOTE=tummietuck;2682075]bought teaching d v d/ c d it won’t play on my d v d only on computer
it is a udf file[/QUOTE]

You question is to a 8 year old posting and would be best if you created your own posting. And your question doesn’t seem to have any relations to the OP posting. If it doesn’t work you should return it and get one that works. And since you didn’t give much info as what media it was that you bought or from where or any more info anything is a guess at this point in time. But my advice start a new thread since your problem doesn’t seem to related to the OP thread.