Nero DVD_video v UDF v UDF/ISO

I am running Nero 6 on a Sony Vaio desktop, using DVD-R media.

I was previously using the Click-to-DVD software which came with the PC, but got thoroughly fed up will its inflexibility. However, it did successfully produce DVDs which played on my Pioneer 515 stand alone player and my Panasonic LV-60 portable.

I have now burnt a number of DVD-Rs using Nero 6, using Nero Burning ROM, selecting DVD-video.

These play fine on the LV-60, but not on the Pioneer. The left 2/3 of the TV screen shows a stable picture, but with the aspect ration squashed to fit. Meanwhile, the right of the screen shows the same picture, but scrolling, as if the vertical hold was not set correctly. Very odd!

Having read I thought I would try UDF/ISO. I select “DVD-ROM(UDF/ISO)” from the left menu on Nero Burning ROM, create Audio_TS and Video_TS folders and add the ifo, vob and bup files to the Video_TS folder.

Nero then tells me that this will not make a DVD capable of being played on a stand alone DVD player. Indeed, when burnt the DVD is a rather attractive coaster, but nothing more!

HELP!!. Does anyone know where I am going wrong? Am I misunderstanding what is saying?

Sorry this post is so long, but I always think that it is best to try to give all the facts!