Nero DVD-Video Plug In



Would somebody mind pointing me in the right direction of downloading this plug-in? I installed Nero Recode 2, but it didn’t install this plug-in.

It would be great if one of you would be so kind as to share it. Thank you!


As far as i know you should get the video plug in within the new nero ultra 6,but if you have an older version of nero then you have to purchase it.:slight_smile:


or download it :cop: <a href=“”><img src=“” border=0 alt=“Free Computer Help”></a>


Yes, I know it’s supposed to be included with Nero 6 Ultra Edition & I know you’re supposed to download it.

I was just wondering if the Sharing Is Caring philosophy would apply. That’s all.


I just purchased and installed the Artec combo drive:

CD_RW 52X Record 24X Rewrite 52X Read

It came with Nero Express. I installed it and plugged in a DVD to play and got the message:

Due to patent license restrictions, MPEG-2 encoding/decoding/playback is not available. This feature can be added by installing the DVD-Video Plug-in.

As far as I can discern … it will cost me $25 to get this plug-in. I can buy a DVD player for not much more than that! I can’t believe that you don’t get the correct software to play a DVD when you purchase the drive. Seems like a ripoff to me.

In any case … I’m new to this and would like some advise on what to do. Should I just purchase the Nero 6 Ultra Edition and be done with it?