Nero DVD studdering on DVD Player

I am trying to burn a high def avi (720P) video to a DVD in the highest quality available on NERO.

I can burn the DVD using “high quality” (60 minute on 4.7 GB), Progressive, 8000 kbit/sec, 720x480(CCIR-601 D1), High quatlity 2 pass VBR with audio on automatic.

It plays on my laptop perfectly fine. When I play it on my Panasonic DMR-E27Z, it studders or skips occasionally. It is always in the same location in the video, no matter what computer I burn it on (my laptop or desktop) or no matter the media +, - or DL.

I have tried many combinations of settings, different mediums, and different machines using NERO vision 4 to make a DVD-Video.

Anyone know what’s up with this? Is my DVD recorder not able to handle the format? Do I need to switch something?

It appears to be associate with the Hiqh Quality setting, which does not solve the issue.

If I switch to Standard SP quality the file burns just fine and runs.

Anyone know why NERO cannot burn in HQ mode?