Nero Dvd Speed

I downloaded nero dvd speed 3.55 and it doesn’t find my external USB Maddog 16XDVD9 DVD burner. None of the copy programs have a problem and the burner works fine. I am assuming this Nero software is usable only for drives connected through IDE. Is this correct??. Is there a version available that works with usb, I couldn’t find anything. If so please provide URL…Thanks

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You downloaded Nero CD-DVDSpeed ver. 3.55 (file: NeroCDSpeed_355). Nero DVD Speed is another Nero tool (file: NeroDVDSpeed_053).

This version (also) works with USB external burners. I have checked mine. It might be that it does not support your recorder. Please, check your burner with Nero InfoTool ( Let’s see what it says.

Thanx for the reply Alex. I figured I did some stupid like that.

It is okay, no prob. Please, check what Nero InfoTool says.

Nero CD-DVDSpeed ver. 3.55 ?

I just downloaded it and checked that my external Plextor712UF (connected through USB) was there … and it shows up in this program as well !

Good luck finding Your problem ; maybe a reboot will show it , but as alex thyl said , it might be that this software does not support your recorder ?

Sorry … :o :o :o Doubleposting !

Alex it still won’t recognise my usb external so I pulled the drive out and hooked it up to ide to run some tests. Nero Infotools doesn’t find it either. Has to be the software. I have 6 different copy programs and they all find it on USB


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mmmm!!! Does this mean power corrupts absolutely??

Do You realise You break Your warranty by doing a thing like that ?!?!?!? :cop:

Get it back there in the case and do it VERY correctly (=take Your time) , then You can always excuse to Maddog (?) - if they find out You’ve been tampering with the case ! - that a mentally disturbed kid in Your family must have done that !!! :cool: :cool: :cool:

And now be carefull to tell more about Yourself in here ; maybe get a different log-on-name …

I know one guy who would be glad and I’m not advisíng You to change the log-on-name to please him … :stuck_out_tongue:

PS : Stumbled across other users with a special external …
It seems Maddog is a case to put i.e. a 716A into ; Well , in THAT CASE :bigsmile:
the explanation may be that this case has killed the drive … (ain’t that a pun ? :bigsmile: )

The Mad Dog is a NEC3500 and they don’t support speed/quality testing.

Thanks GIA ; Great clear short double-answer ! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Nice with some talent (and probably skills too) in here … :bigsmile:

Yet I can help but wonder why NEC3500 is nicknamed Maddog ?!?!

Mad Dog is a brand name( most of thier stuff is pretty good.