Nero DVD Speed Test

Can anyone tell me or send me a link as how to properly run a DVD speed test with Nero? I just ran one but I think I did it wrong. I just hit start and let it run but it just flatlined at 2.56X. I’m using a 12X Liteon and Memorex 8X DVD+R media. Any help will be appreciated. I’m new to running these tests and with the result that I got, I have to believe I did it wrong.
Mark :confused:

Is anyone able to help out here? I sure would appreciate it. I may not of done the test wrong. I just ran one on my laptop and it turned out the way I would expect. But I really want to make sure of this before I take my Liteon out of my Desktop and bring it back for an exchange or refund. Thanks much!

Mark: still :confused:

I am not really farmiliar with how to use cdspeed but here is a tutorial thread.
What are you trying to do? Are you thinking that your drive is defective or something? Which liteon is it?

I have the Liteon 12X SOHW-1213S DVDRW. And yes, I’m starting to think it is defective. I thought I ran the test wrong but have tried the same thing on my other desktop and laptop. They both came out good. This Liteon is starting at around 2.56X and staying there for the entire test. Will try one more test before I take it out and then back for replacement or refund. Thanks for the info.

Have you tried updating the firmware? Thats about the only other thing that can think to try. I cannot imagine them having it locked at that speed but maybe there is a glitch in the currently loaded firmware or something (couldn’t hurt to try).

I haven’t tried that but then again, that’s something that I shouldn’t have to do. The thing is brand new. If this is the way Liteon works out of the box, I may look at different brands. But with my luck, I probably got the lemon of the batch. Thanks for your input.


Sad to say BUTjust about any DVD burner you buy thier firmware is out of date right out of the box. Update and show us your before and after scans.