Nero DVD Speed Test Workflow

Will Nero DVD Speed work in this experiment to determine the minimum achieveable BLER rates with specific DVD-R hardware, software, and firmware? Purpose: The DVD-R media will be used for archiving large amounts of data. I want to minimize errors in DVD-R recording, so they
don’t propagate over time.

  1. Experiment design:
    Factors: 2 Macintosh-based DVD burners
    2 DVD burning applications
    3 different burn speeds (2.4 x, 4x, 8x)
    2 different brands of DVD-R media
  2. Burn 2 samples of all DVD-R media for each of the factors above
    (48 tests)
  3. Test the 48 Mac-burned disks for “logical errors” (PI/PO rates) on a
    Windows PC using Nero DVD Speed Test and a Lite-On DVD.
    Analyze results.

Will this experiment detect the best and worst combinations of factors on my Macintosh-based DVD-burning system? [I’m not too concerned about the actual burning speed - just the error rates.]

Thanks for your assistance.