Nero, DVD-R, and "not enoguh disc space"

Hi all,

I’m attempting to burn a .nrg file to a brand new DVD-R disc. The image is about 1.37 Gb, so there’s plenty of room on the disc. However, every time I try to burn it, I get a “There is not enough disc space to burn this compilation onto this disc.” I have the latest version of Nero directly from the website. Any thoughts?

Also, when I go to browse the DVD-R disc(s) in My Computer, they all show up with size 0.


This would indicate you have already tried to write something unsuccesfully to the disc and it has closed off the disc.

Thanks for the response virtue. I have abrand-new pack of Imation DVD-r’s and I must’ve tried 6 different discs with no luck. :sad:

I have this problem with nero 6.3.1.x
then i install nero 6.3.0.something and problem disappear

okay, i’ll give that a try. thanks!