Nero : DVD-R and DVD-ROM being burned to region 2

Here’s what I did to make the DVD from start to finish.

  1. Made the Video in Adobe Premiere
  2. Exported the movie as a folder from Adobe Premiere
  3. Used ChapterEdit to add chapters every 10 minutes
  4. Used Nero to burn the folder
    • Burned using Tayio Yuden DVD 8x Silver DVD-R
    • Burned as a DVD-ROM

The problem is that when I put it in my DVD player for my TV it says, it cannot read the disc as it is from another region.

So I check the disc using nero Info and it says it’s burning to region 2…
At what point did my DVD become Region 2? Did Nero do it?

EDIT: Tried using Copy2DVD and it still was in the wrong region!
What’s going on and how can I fix this.

I checked using DVD Decrypter and it says the disc is region free, I even tried editing the IFO using DVD Decrypter and it still said wrong region!

I tried a DVD+R just for the heck of it and no good.
I guess what I need is a way to fix this region problem, anyone’s help would be great!

I would guess that whatever made the IFO files did it - so by the sounds of it, Premiere.

I think it might have been Chapter Edit too… who knows… I’m going to try just burning straight from Adobe Premiere, as much as I hate doing that.

hmm well i have premiere and when you are installing it, it ask you about region and stuff. Did you fill it in right?