Nero dvd frame freeze when burning

I have been trying to burn avi files onto DVD using nero 6 (create your own dvd) and after doing so when i play the dvd it stops and starts then freezes then stops and starts, same with the audio of the film.
so i upgraded to nero 7 ultra eddition and the same thing happens.
has anyone else had the same problem ? or anyone got any ideas on how to fix this as i dont want to waste anymore discs.
Ive also installed a new version of windows media player it’s version 11 might this be the problem or does it have nothing to do with it
any help would be good

Have you used files from different sources, or the same files/source.

Might try changing your media.

Try burning the project to the image recorder (or hard drive) and then burn it to a DVD. If it has problems then, you might be able to narrow down the cause.

If you want, post a NeroHistory log and edit out your serial numbers, and try to edit it to the last couple of burn attempts.