Nero DVD_DL burn failure, CPU Problem?

I just installed nero 8 ultra [custom install leaving out the video & tv programs] on Dell 380 winxp sp2 workstation, 256 RAM. I burned one DVD+R_DL [memorex] on an LG USB drive w/out problems. The next 2 were “burn failure at 4x”. The only other application running was taskmanager. I noticed that the CPU taskbar icon [from taskmanager] was at 100%.and stayed at 100%. It took forever to save the compilation before closing.

I didn’t expect a burn to be cpu intensive. I’m burning data disks. There were a lot of files - that’s why I got DL.

The Dell has a Pentium 4 521 [2.8 GHz] . I would have thought it was adequate.

[QUOTE=AnnieMS;2492191]I burned one DVD+R_DL [memorex] [/QUOTE]

This is the most likely culprit bad media. Memorex is a hit or loose on burning as well some it will work some it will not or you get a good burn and then get bad burns on the same media. So you should try at least verbatim DL media to see if your problems don’t go away. Also make sure your firmware is update as well. I used memorex and had good burns and bad burns so it would be wise to switch to better media or slow your burns down. But as you said the 100% means bad burns and if it hangs that usually a big indication the media is trash and so is the burn.

Nero should be fine for DL burns with data. If you ever plan on burning dvd-video to DL, use ImgBurn. It will set the layer break correctly.

And I second coolcolors’s recommendation of Verbatim for DL media. I generally burn it at 4x.

Thanks coolcolors & Kerry56,

I’ve got the Verbatims - ordered them online. I tried a memorex for my first trial burn - but when it went so well I figured they were adequate media for the job/burner. Didn’t know bad media = variable performance under the same conditions or that a failed burn would swamp the cpu. I’ll switch to the verbatims and slow down the burn if that doesn’t work.

The firmware in the LG is current.

I agree that Verbatim is the way to go, but if I red your original post correctly, you mentioned having 256 RAM.
That is hardly enough to run WinXP, than you add Nero and USB drive and all that will put lots of strain on cpu and memory use.
At today’s cost for memory I would use minimum 512 or better 1 gig that would be more appropriate for your applications.
You can check this for max memory for WinXP

Thanks & sorry CDuncle,

I have 512 MB RAM, not 256. I have been thinking of adding RAM to the desktop. I was looking for the MB manual the other day to ck specs to go online & ck prices. I also want to put in some better optical drives, but I need to go over the Dell 380’s specs and run some hardware tests and figure out if it’s worth putting $ in this out of warranty computer. Someone else picked out & configured the Dell 380 per my list of uses & priorities and that didn’t work out well.

I like to keep a cpu monitor in my task tray, currently I keep taskmanager open. I’ve watched cpu activity off and on for years while trying to figure out why every system I’ve had is so slow. Previously, the cpu’s have hardly seemed to work. Recently on both the Dell & the tablet pc I’ve noticed frequent periods where the cpu goes to 100% and stays there. The thinkpad has 1.5 GB RAM and is the computer I end up using the most because I can’t sit up long at the desktop. The only thing left to check for possible malware is one of the complicated rootkit checkers like rootkitrevealer or rootrepeal.

I burned the verbatim DL’s w/out problem and have since done a lot of verbatim DVD+Rs w/out problem using Nero 8.

If you worry about warranty, than do not bother with upgrade. For me 2.8 GHz is not that slow processor, especially if it is a dual core one, not sure what you have, but 512 memory is a bare minimum for Win XP.
What could be cause of 100% CPU use at the certain period of time is your antivirus software.
To check that, disconnect from Internet, disable antivirus software, if possible and rum machine like that to see.