Nero DVD Copy

I was wondering what setting everyone uses in Nero for a valid DVD copy. As always, thanks to all who reply. I’m getting .DLL errors in Record Now,telling me there seems to ‘be a problem as far as scratches,fingerprints’ etc,on my discs. But when I create a backup,and use the VERY SAME disc,RecordNow burns it with no problem. Birth,Problems,Death,it’s a short life…

I had a bit of bother trying to find what template/setting to use in Nero myself. I use the DVD Video setting and stick all the “ripped” files in the video folder and find that this works ok.
Let me know how you get on.

nero doesn’t copy protected dvd’s…perhaps that is your problem

What’s up DD,That’s been something I’ve known ,thankfully,since’I’ve been here. What I meant was DVD’s without copy protection,like the ones we make here,and like my thread at the top indicated…

ok…wasn’t playing the cop…lol…just pointed out that it won’t work.
Many people on other forums were trying to backup protected dvd’s with nero

Are we talking about movies or data on dvd’s?

can you post the error about the dll’s ??.
what version of Nero are you using?
what speed do you rip the dvd?

Did you try to do the same on a fresh installed windows??

If it is a dvd-5 you could use dvddecryptor, it is free, fast and good.

Movies,DD. The larger number of posters here talk about this,and this predominantly. After using Nero Express,i was able to get a great copy,you know how sometimes a program will have a bad day,while it worked without failure for the past 29 days prior. I think this was the case,thanks for your reply…