Nero dvd copy error for lite-on 18a1p only


  • xp pro sp2
    -liteon 18a1p (latest firmware “F”)
    -nero prem

cant make a image or copy dvd movies.(origional dvd disk (personal backup))

works on 111d pioneer + sony 820 +109 +a110 sony 810 ul/t

but fails on lite-on drive (all movies) +any movie?

does this on all dvd movies, but other drives are ok…

(works on burned dvd movie dvd format disk).


the movies play (power dvd 6) + have no scratches…(new from packet)

all other programs work (clone cd + etc+alc 120) are ok…

tried 10 disk same problem cant make image to hdd using nero on the liteon drive…

nero at fault? lite-on problem?

other software works but nero…