NERO - DVD Compliance Test Failed

I used Smart Ripper, then DVD Shrink , then IFO Edit, then Nero 6. I used the UDF/IFO method and simply dragged the VIDEO_TS folder with all my VOB, IFO & UP files, and created an empty AUDIO_TS folder. The DVD does’t play on anythig other than my computer.

I had first originally tried to burn it using the DVD- Video method, but I received a “DVD Compliance Test Failed” error, telling me the DVD may not play. Is there a step by step tutorial for making DVD backups using DVD Shrink and Nero that works? (and by “backups” I mean backups of full length movies like The Patriot…DVD9’s):confused:

The only tutorial i found is this one:


Hmm. What about this one by G@M3FR3@K in this very forum? Have you tried Nero Recode?

Many have the same “problem”.

I’ve read the nero tutorial, but it doesn’t answer the question regarding the nero message.

I’ve search the forums, and posted a thread ( but no one seems to know the reason for the message?



It could be one of the many messages that pop up when trying to copy a protected Film. Could be that one of the files dont have the protection ripped out of it. Might be good to try ripping again.

If I may ask, why do you use so many programs for one copy? I use DVD Decrypter to decrypt the film files and then use Nero Recode to burn the DVD. I get a copy with all menus and everything, with great quality. Nero Recode shrinks the film to the size of the disk automatically. No need for extra software to do this. If the film isnt protected you dont even need DVD Decryter to remove it. You can just use Nero Recode from the getgo. As a bonus…(if your dvd burner supports it) Nero Recode automatically changes the Booktype of a DVD +R to DVD Rom, for more compatability with standalone players. This means that even your DVD drive in your computer will recognize the disk as a DVD Rom instead of a DVD +R after the burn.

I have Smart Ripper. Where can I get DVD Decrypter? I imagine it can be downloaded at Doom9, but I’m wondering if those programs aren’t allowed to be made available because of Big Brother…Oops,I mean the Recording Industry.

So you use DVD Decrypter, and then NERO? I am using way too many applications, but I thought that was how it had to be done. I’d rip it with Smart Ripper, and then compress it with DVD Shrink, and then burn it with NERO Burning ROM. I’ve many times, received the error that the DVD Compliance test failed, yet I have no idea how that can be because the files can be watched on Power DVD. I’ll try your method with the DVD Decrypter and then NERO Recode. I didn’t realize that NERO compresses the .vob files for you…I was using DVD Shrink, and my method with Smart Ripper/DVD Shrink would strip out the menues, and I kind of want them in my backup disk. Anyway, I’ll and download DVD Decrypter and see if that works better. BTW…Is NERO Recode in NERO 6 Burning ROM?