Nero DVD burns mess up near end of film. Help

I need help/advice with nero 7 premium, everytime i burn an AVI file to a dvd it pixelates, skips, then eventually stops near the end of most of them (1 out of 4 worked fully)

Can anyone help with this?

Also when i burn with nero it creates a small blurry line at the bottom of all the films, just above the wide screen black border.

Any help would be great.


If it skips etc on a DVD player then it’s a bad burn mainly caused by poor quality DVD media and/or wrong burn speed.

I’ve had the same problem. I’ve done a clean install, after doing a registry clean (there was a lot of crap left over from Nero 6). I’ve done a ASPI check. Reinstalled codec packs, although I thought Nero wouldn’t need them. Also, I’ve found a plugin pack for Nero 7 as I had for Nero 6. Also, I’ve found out that Nero doesn’t like DivX or Xvid Avi’s althought I didn’t seem to have any problems with Nero 6. All said and done I’m thinking I’ll just go back to Nero 6 as it does work for a while; although the codecs do seem to break after awhile. But it did seem that I never had the problems I’m having now with version