Nero DVD burning errors

I have been using WinAvi to convert my avi files so that I can burn them to dvd with NeroVision Express. Everytime I begin to burn the files to dvd I get an error message reading something along the lines of “Cannot complete, you have too more than 99 Titles on this document.” I procede to click ok and it started an analysis program which always freezes at 18-22 percent. Does anybody know how I can overcome this problem?

I have just talked to Melon and although I confirmed his answer and solution a billion times, I need to know for sure this is an absolute fix. I have ruined $20 worth of DVD’s and I don’t love it.

He says I need to keep converting with WinAvi but instead of using NeroVision Express I should use regular Nero to burn the DVD’s. He says to add all of the VOB, IFO, and BUP files to the Video_ts folder and add these files to the burn list to burn. Correct?? I hope so, if so… KUDOS TO MELONGX!!! oh and ChilloutUK too! And everybody else who decides to help!

This is a limitation that cannot be bend.
Either author them new or use subfolders.

I’m sorry but I’m not familiarized with DVD burning terms, how would I go about authoring them new or using subfolders? Once again, I appreciate the help!! I don’t really get what is going on between dL’ing the AVI file to burning it to a DVD… I just know I’m supposed to do it the way I’ve done it. It works with most AVI files I try to convert with WinAvi and burn with NeroVision Express. But with some it gives me the 99 titles error… I’m confused.

I don’t give help for downloaded movies, regardless if the are in avi or some other format.