Nero Dvd Burn Speeds

I just got a LITE-ON SOHW 812s dvd burner, and I can’t get a dvd burn speed higher than 4x to show up. Is there a way to do it. My drive is rated at 8x write(dvd-r or dvd+r).
A friend of mine just got a pioneer DVD burner, and the same thing?
The media I have is only rated at 4x, but there is no disc in the drive when I launch NERO and se only 4x.

Help would be much appreciated. Feels like I got ripped off.


Nero and most other burning software pays attention to the rating embedded in blank media. If the blank media has 4x embedded in it, then that’s going to be the maximum burn speed. My Sony is rated at 8x, but it burns at 4x for 4x-rated media and 2.4x for RW media rated at 2.4x, and 2x for 2x-rated media.

But this is the speed it tells me without a disc in the drive!

Even on a fresh reboot? I think I mentioned in another post that Windows is remembering the last disc in the drive. The information is likely stored in either memory or the registry… I haven’t done any testing along these lines, but I do know that DVD Shrink, using the Nero burning engine, will process and prepare for burning even without a recordable disc in the drive.
What will the drive report if you put a 4x disc in it? If it still reports 2x, then either you are running with a slow CPU and hard disks or you need to uninstall and reinstall your software – something is likely corrupted in the system.
Also, if you are running Windows, periodic “cold” (turning the power off and on) is needed to clear memory and fully reset the OS. It isn’t needed on Mac or non-MS operating systems.

Just another thought. Put in a 4x disc and run the Nero utilities to test the speed of the drive. It should also report the disc in the drive…Utilities… Test Drive.

or you could download DVDInfoPRo or LiteOn’s own smart burn utility and they will confirm the medias write speed, if you want to try and burn your 4x media @ 8x go to the liteon forum here at cdfreaks and read the thread on the omnipatcher to find out how to tweak your firmware. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks guys, I’ll try that.
I’ll let you know…

Ok, I’ve upgraded to latest NERO. With no cd in drive, and with a reboot, my max burn speeds with DVD shows up as 2.4x. What the hell is going on here. With nere 5.5.10, it showed up with a 4x option. Now with nero 6, I only get 2.4x??

I have no conflicts on my pc(software or hardware- I like to keep pc clean), so what is it? I have omnipatcher, but can’t find MEMOREX media in the list. I just flashed my LITE-ON SOHW 812s with usoN firmware, and still nothing.
Is there a trick I need to do for nero to allow me to see speeds higher thatn 2.4x?