Nero DVD builder bug

Any Ahead Nero users out there build a DVD (NeroVision Express2)
with ac3 for the audio? On two computers with different operating systems
I get the source clip’s left audio channel coming out both the right
and left speakers, when I play the Nero encoded DVD video.
The original right channel is completely gone.
Most of the time the two channels are pretty similar, so you have to
listen carefully, or, use a clip with obviously different right and
left channels. Nero NeroVision Express2

Am I crazy?

i tried nero’s ac3 encoding and well… it kinda sucks. It does seem to make everything come out of the center channel for some reason. Thats why i use other things when i want to encode to ac3. Sure it makes it smaller and its the best codec for nero if your using it to encode alone.

thats why i prefer stuff like tmpgenc to encode both audio and video

Thanks. I think that it seems to be coming from the center channel would be consistent with the original left channel audio being encoded to both the right and left channel tracks. At least for the 2 channel ac3 Nero encodes to the DVD. Dependig on the receiver, this ‘mono’ audio could be directed to a center channel.
I tested this with a clip with distinctly different right/left channel
audio, and the above is what I got.