Nero Dual Layer burning



hi all, I have asked this question on other forums with no success :frowning:
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in the options on recode 2 do you check or unckeck “remove layer break” when attempting to burn onto a DUAL LAYER disc?

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wow, a hundred and something views and nobody knows?

I guess not too many people are burning with Nero theses days huh


Normally you can keep it checked.
Recode automatically inserts a layer break at the appropriate position when burning to DL discs, so any imported layer break flag is redundant.


I really do not see what that option does for dual layer, leave it checked as said above recode will put a layer break in anywhere it needs to, even with it unchecked. NOTE: with this that means that the layer break could be in the middle of a dialog or action scene causing a small skip in speech and/or action when your home DVD player hits the layer break (due to the interrupt flag). Its best to use recode to burn to a directory and then use a program such as PGCedit to set the layer break in a more suitable position (or use the seamless break feature on PGCedit 7 beta) and then use PGCedit to burn with IMGburn.


Best option is to create an ISO image out of Nero & burn with ImgBurn.


Yes, only if you do not need compression or are not reauthoring (IE 1:1 copy).


NO. Recompress/reauthor , create an ISO image & let Imgburn decide the layer break at burn time. It’s far more likely to get it right than Nero.

Obviously either way may give an apparent pause on playback unless you can work out a slow motion section & insert a layer break with something like PGCEdit.


Yes agree with you there :wink: Also with the beta version of PGCedit you can set a seamless break that gives you no pause at break (if break is at a seamless cell or joint).