NERO: DRM check failed, not enough licenses available

I’ve tried a few times to burn my first CD from my napster files and it keeps telling me that the DRM check failed and blah blah. I don’t understand it. I’ve been a paid member of napster for two months I’ve just never tried to burn before. I then decide to try and burn using Napster’s program but I think I can’t because I’m on windows 64bit and I don’t know it if works with that. Anyone know what I need ot do with Nero to get it to burn these files?

Wow I was reading around and in a couple places I saw where it says that even though I’ve paid money to subscribe I have to pay for each song to burn them is that right? That’s BS. Does Yahoo do that to you? If they will allow me to burn my CD then I’m going to cancel my Napster over the phone and tell them to shove it. This is such BS.

I actually bought the songs from yahoo and I am still getting that message, even though I am supposed to be able to burn them to a cd. Then when I try to relicense the tracks as their “help” page says, I get a message saying I can only do that as a subscriber. Basically they want youto purchase the tracks and be a subscriber!

It’s becoming a great world ain’t it :confused: :disagree: