Nero DriveSpeed wont save my spindown settings

Bah the noise of the optical drives (brand/model = Boeing/747, NASA/Rocket) are driving me crazy when XP loads up.

Ive tried numerous versions of Nero DriveSpeed (3.01, 2.xx, etc…) but none of the versions save the SpinDown time.

The spindown time works, BUT every time the machine reboots, the spindown time is reset back to 2 minutes for both optical drives. So after logging into XP, the drives spin like crazy for 2 minutes… its annoying to open DriveSpeed up every time, and press “stop” to shut the drive(s) up.
I have enabled the two options: “Run at startup” and “Restore speed settings at startup”, to no avail.

Maybe Nero simply doesnt have the option to save the spindown time, and only saves the CD read speeds?

Are there any other utilities that work properly?

The Drives are LiteOn SOHW-812S, and LG GSA-H10A