Nero DriveSpeed problem?



I opened up DriveSpeed to see what it was and now BOTH of my NEC 7170 drives are REALLY slow. I’ve tried setting it to FAST, not saving settings on reboot, rebooting, everything I can think of!

How do I just clear any settings that Nero DriveSpeed created?


Have you gone through the settings and options with the program open? One might be under optons, use the Detect button. But the utility should not be running unless you have it set to start at boot.

Do you show an icon in the system tray?


Yes, I have gone through the options with the program open. I have used the Detect button, and I do not have it set to start at boot. There is no tray icon, and it is not running via Task Manager. How DOES Nero DriveSpeed actively change the settings of a DVD drive? Registry Settings, Bitsetting on the drive, how?


I don’t know how it changes it, but maybe someone else will.

You might look through the registry for DriveSpeed and see if anything pops out. Maybe removing the drive from the Device Manager and then letting Windows find it again would reset it.