Nero Drive Speed Question

May be a stupid question but one I can’t find an answer for.
Just installed a new Plextor 24/10/40A CDRW, When I ran the drive speed test I was confused with the results. I hit the options tab and then detect.
The read speed is correct at 40X, but the spin down time indicated 2 minutes, whatever that means I haven’t a clue. The time element is adjustable and I am able to bring it down to 1 second or infinate if I want, but left it at the 2 minute mark where it was detected. Should I be changing this setting or is this merely a test which has no bearing on the function?
I found it interesting when I did the same test on my CD Rom which is a 56 speed, it detected it at 58x read speed and a spin down rating of infinate. Why does it indicate the drive is faster than it actually is? Any advice is appreciated.

I would leave the Plextor at the default spin down setting. This is the amount of time that will elapse before the drive returns to an idle state due to inactivity. When a drive is inactive and then accessed again, additional time is required while the drive spins up to the speed required to access data. Changing speeds and settings with Drive Speed for no reason is more likely to cause problems than improve anything.

Your drive could possibly be a 58x, although I don’t know why it would be described as a 56x unless they didn’t change the packaging. A search for 58x CD-ROM brought up a bunch of hits, so they are being made. On the other hand, sometimes software doesn’t always give exact or standard results when measuring hardware. DAE (digital audio extraction) measurements tend to be this way. Depending on what program is used to measure, results may vary. There’s no advantage in going any faster than 56x (with a single laser drive), as the RPM’s and centrifugal force are already at a very high threshold of maximum safe speed.

A drive as fast as your CD-ROM is can be noisy when operating at top speed (which they seem to be inclined to do). If you are doing something that doesn’t require the fastest speed like playing an audio CD or a DivX movie, Drive Speed is very useful in this instance. It can reduce the speed (and the noise) to an appropriate level.:slight_smile:

This helps to minimize the wear on your drive when doing multiple accesses by keeping the speed constant for a given period of time rather than having the drive spin up and spin down to read a single file. You will also experience faster response given the cd is spinning and readable as opposed to having to wait for the drive to start from a standstill.


Thank you for your replys. I will leave everything at the default settings, both units are more than adequate speed wise and I don’t want to damage anything. My intention was only to tweak the Plextor. I feel smarter already.