Nero Drive Recognition Problem for new drive

Ok. This has probably been rehashed over elsewhere.
I could’ve swore I’d read about it, but anywho…

Situation is I had a SCSI 8x writer. It went bad. I picked up a Lite-On 24x…

Well now I’d dealt with other problems (Dead first drive-now replaced with another working one) and all’s really looking fine.
I can read CDs,both regulars, and CD-R’s, no problem.
But some of the SW’s isn’t recognizing this new drive.

DiscJuggler sees the drive fine… (although it’s got a maximum speed of 20x in it’s selections…) and burns ok.

CDRWin I believe is a “version” issue. I think Lite-on’s not recog’d by my current version. I haven’t updated it in awhile. Will do that in a bit.

Nero though, is the puzzler.
I’ve had the latest installed…
Supposedly that should be able to work. (Plus, my lite-on came with a Lite-on specific CD… but that was so didn’t bother with that one).

All other functions with the drive appear to be fine. ASPI layer is technically the newest. I’d thrown on version 4.6 (Win2K) and that’s fine.
So am unsure why Nero would not read it. The only thing that comes up is the “virtual device” image recorder…

The recorder’s the Master on my 2nd IDE channel (a DVD-rom is the slave on the same channel).
Anywho, after I send this note, will uninstall and reinstall Nero from scratch. other than that, any suggestions??

Hmm. hate following-up on my own post. Had forgot to try something else before I sent the previous info.
Anyways, found that from Administrator login (I’m win2K currently) both the CDRWin I had (which was the 4.0A) and Nero recognized the drive.

Once CDRWin recog’d it in administrator, on going back to my normal login, it retained the “knowledge” of it and runs fine now.

However, Nero still “doesn’t see it” - but it’s apparently from my user login only.

I’ve went in as admin, and modified all security for the writer to allow for full access/usage by my login and “everybody”… but it didn’t phaze it. It still stays un-detectable.

There’s only the 1 main control place I knew of to modify that from admin, so if there’s any other clues let me know.
I do think if I’m not mistaken, I had to install Nero “as” administrator. So unless somehow Nero’s “locking” it down by user I dunno…

Tnx for any answers…

I thought that Nero only allows writing when logged in as an administrator, but I am not completely sure about that.

Have you tried to run the application as administrator while logged in as a user? (I thought this was possible, just can’t find out how on this PC I am on now)

Hmm. well yah that seems to work to do it that way.
Maybe there is some sort of limit against it, although when I ran my SCSI drive, it never “needed” to be set like that before…

So it just seemed odd. Tnx for the response tho. (don’t even know why I forgot about being able to do that in W2K…maybe working on my system at 4AM in the morn has something to do with it…^_^)

I have a very similar problem with my LiteOn 16x10x40x. However, this time it is with TDK CDRWs. TDK sell 2 different types of CDRW in my local store: 1x-4x compatible and “High speed” (more expensive) type. I have an TDK CDRW from a couple of years back and have written to it at 10x no problems, however Nero insists on limiting the max write speed to 4x when I use newly manufactured low speed media.
I don’t care if writing to a “max 4x” CDRW at 10x corrupts the data on it because:
a.) I am just shifting data between PCs
b.) I verify all the disks anyway with verify software
c.) 4x takes ages

Does anyone know of a crack or patch which would allow me to override Nero’s disk check and write at the max speed my burner is capable of?

Cheers. :slight_smile: