Nero Drive Backup




This is my first post in forum. I have two important questions:
1- Is it possible to create a Start-CD with Nero Drive Backup, that you can start your computer, when you have problems with your windows and partition?
2- When it is possible, how can I make this CD?

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The recovery CD that Nero BackItUp makes is based on Linux. It is not a boot CD like you would want for Windows. It will allow you to restore the hard drive (the Windows installation) in case you need to do that, if you have the correct backup.

There are several sites that show you how to make a boot CD for Windows, and you will probably download an image file and burn it to CD using NeroBurning ROM under the Recorder-Burn Image option. Just Google for “Windows Boot CD”



Thank you very much for your help. It was easier for me to buy a Drive Backup program. I bought Paragon Drive Backup 8.5 and I can make an Image from my Win Vista.

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