Nero dose not recognize DVD burner

I have a Lacie DVD DL RW external drive (NEC 3500AG flashed) and I’m having problems using Nero with it.
Nero came bundeled with an external Sony DVD RW drive and works great with that drive. If I switch the SONY with the NEC, then NERO dose not recognize it as DVD burner but rather as a CD burner.
I can use the NEC drive with no problems with DVD decrypter or to play DVDs.
Not sure what is the problem with NERO and the NEC drive.
Any help is appreciated

@ andy2005
A Nero bundled version many times is only able to recognize and work with a drive from the manufacturer, so your Nero may only work with other Sony’s but not anything else.

Thanks Man.
It seems this is the answer I’m getting from everyone.
Any other way around it beside purchasing the full thing?
I have other DVD burning and authorring software but I’m really comfortable with Nero.