Nero doesn't work with 2.6.19


i’ve been using Nero for a while, but now, i upgraded to 2.6.19. I think, with 2.6.18, it was working fine.

A major change has been made in Linux 2.6.19:
There are new PATA drivers that attach themselfs to the SCSI-stack like the SATA drivers already did.

So i assume, there Nero doesn’t recognize my drives :frowning:
My drive is /dev/sr0, and it’s a TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L632B TM32

If you need more infos (like full dmesg, etc.), just ask.


Have you tried a simple ‘modprobe sg’? NeroLINUX uses the SCSI (or emulated SCSI) via /dev/sg* devices, and not the /dev/sr* that are read-only.

Thanks for the hint, i will try that immediately!

Works perfectly after loading sg. Thanks!

i’ve downloaded movies from ares and put them in my documents but when i try to burn them in nero they are not listed . i go to my documents but they are not listed when i’m in nero. WHERE ARE THEY! I’ve looked in the other files but can’t find them.HELP! Please no tec. answers i’m new at this.