Nero doesn't see my blank disks

Hi. New member here.

I just bought a Pioneer109 a couple of days ago. That same day i tested it with a Traxdata DVD-RW disk and it did just fine. I was soo happy, this being my first DVD drive and all :) 
So today I wanted to back up a few files from my computer. Bought a few disks ( MULTIDISC ), but Nero doesn't even see them. 10 different disks and it doesn't recognise any of them. Tried the Traxdata again and it works great.
Ok, i understand that it's not such a good media( there aren't that many good ones around here; this and Creative mostly )and that it will get a lot of errors over time, but to not see them at all?
 Note that i did not update my firmware, because i don't know how an i didn't want to mess it up more that it already is :) But if this could fix the problem, could somebody please put here 1-2-3... steps on how to do it?
If it's not about the firmware, what could it be?
I just thought to make sure about it before i turn to the warranty route.

Could be a combination of two things. First, from the looks of it, Multidisc is horrible media, so that would definately be a problem, and they are probably not supported in the firmware you have installed or any newer ones, since they are known to be bad, old media that Pioneer doesn’t want to waste their time on.

A firmware upgrade is as easy as heading over to Pioneer’s website, downloading the file for the DVR-109, then running it and pressing a button. It should inform you that there should be no disc in the drive, make sure nobody unplugs the computer as it’s happening, etc.

Good luck!

Thank you for the info. I’ll try buying some other media then. Could you please tell me a few good medias, or medias that i should stay away from?
And also, where can i see the media types that Pioneer officially supports?(if that info is available).
I tried searching the site but i can’t seem to find something like this.


edit: oh, nevermind. I found the supported media list. Silly me :slight_smile:

Pioneer should support a good number of discs, you can check what others have had successes and failures with here. General rule of thumb is to stick to brands like Verbatim, Maxell or Fuji if “Made in Japan” is on the package, Sony, TDK. Traxdata would probably be an okay brand if that’s what’s available to you (They use Ritek discs exclusively, which can vary quite a bit).