Nero doesnt recognize recorder

I installed nero 5.5 when I try to choose recorder the only option is virtual device. I am using aspi v4.6 liteon 40125S. I had easy cd creator and uninstalled it. my is os - winxp pro
Do I need differant aspi layer? How do I change aspi?

use the latest nero…v5582…

nero has it own aspi layer

I’ve got the same Lite-on burner and Nero works perfectly - unlike Easy Cd really easy to install and works every time.
The burner doesn’t like some media (especially Sony CDRs), but apart from that Nero is the go!

I installed the v5582 and is now working perfectly

where can I get the new version at? I have the Nero 5551 with the same problem. I don’t want to purchase it again.

follow this link:

it doesn’t cost anything.

THanks. I just installed it.