Nero doesn't recognize my upgraded Liteon 48x!

I had the Liteon 40125s on my machine and I burned cds at 40x in Nero But now I upgraded the liteon to a 48125w and when I reloaded Nero and want to burn a cd. In the window I cannot choose more than 40x. But when I click on the button to choose my recorder I can cleary see that Nero recognize the burner with the new firmware 48125w.

So, how can I solve this problem??? :confused:

Many thnx for the help! :bow:

SMART-BURN limits the speed of the current inserted media so you will not be able to burn beyond the speed that the CD is certified.

To burn at 48x, you will need media that is certified at 48x. :slight_smile:

Hey Just as a coment I have not seen 48X recordable media in the Puter stores I regularly go to guess I am gonna have to go ON line I just got a LTR-48246S and I am in Love but thats my own lil perversion…

And to help you with your litle problem go to Liteon’s web paige to the Download section and d-load the media CHeck util witch tells you what speed the media is (nice lil tool when you buy the cheapy disks) :bigsmile: