Nero doesn't recognize ExacLink as a buffer underrun protection

I have a samsung cdrw drive which has ExacLink as a buffer underrun protection. When I burn a CD and buffer gets to 0, the reading/writing led starts flashing many times per second (and Nero freezes till buffer is refilled). In Nero preferences I can’t check “Show buffer underrun counter at the end of the burning” 'cos Nero says this option is enabled only if the burner supports it. But… isn’t ExacLink a buffer underrun protection ? :a

What version of Nero? I had a samsung CD writer, 40x I think, w/ Nero 5.5. Had no problem w/ the buffer meter or overburn.

Some burners have different names for it. Exactlink may be what your burner calls it. I seen another wierd name for buffer-underrun I forget it now. What cd-rw model do you have? You can always try burning and playing a heavy intensive game to see if the burn goes bad :stuck_out_tongue: